Vevor ice machine (head only) BRAND NEW



Enjoy Fresher and Cooler Ice: VEVOR commercial ice maker, your best provider for quick and high-capacity ice making. 800w high power and 156 ice trays make it produces 400 lbs ice within 24 hours, while storing up to 330.7 lbs. A stable ice supply for kitchens, restaurants, bars, hotels, and more commercial fields. Stay Chilled on Demand: This ice making machine features ≥25mm thick integrated cyclopentane foaming and heavy-duty stainless steel casing, which effectively isolates external heat. Keep your ice cubes stay cool for 6-8 hours even when power failure. Enjoy fresh chilled drinks all day long! Effortless Self-Cleaning: Extend your ice maker’s lifespan with auto self-cleaning function, no the need for manual operation anymore. Combines with the filtered inlet pipe to remove impurities from the water, delivering clean and healthy ice. Furthermore, a UL-certified electric drainage pump is included. It features 3 outlets, facilitating the merging of drainage from the main unit and ice storage bin. With a lifting height of 6.56 ft/2m, it offers hassle-free drainage. Intelligent Control & Operation: Our commercial ice machine adopts an advanced 3.5-inch LCD panel through which you can observe the ice-making process, easily adjust the thickness of the ice cubes, make a reservation, operate the automatic cleaning function, and stay informed of real-time status through the panel’s indicator lights. Highly Efficient and Fast Heat Dissipation: With 800W powerful compressor, our commercial ice maker machine can produce fresh ice within 12-15 minutes (depending on ice thickness). The high-performance copper wire motor with UL certification, paired with a metal-blade fan, which provides a strong airflow for instant cooling and heat dissipation to the condenser.

Product Details

Manufacturer: Vevor

Model #: LB400TA

Serial #: N/A

Condition: NEW

Power: 115 volt

Inventory #: 1095

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