True 1 glass door freezer



The True GDM-12F-HC~TSL01 one-section freezer merchandiser has a self-closing swinging door with a strong seal, torsion-type closure system. Since this door is thermal insulated, cold air stays inside the cabinet. A 12-inch-long integrated handle helps with opening the door, especially when loading the cabinet. Magnetic door gaskets keep cold air from escaping the cabinet, and they can be removed for cleaning and replacing. The cabinet has three PVC-coated wire shelves that are adjustable on 1⁄2-inch increments to accommodate various product heights. Four chrome-plated shelf clips are included per shelf.

Product Details

Manufacturer: True

Model #: GDM-12F

Serial #: 5054779

Condition: used

Power: 115 volt

Inventory #: 1092

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