Proluxe pizza dough press


Pizza dough press The Apex Pro X1 brings automation to dough pressing. Say good-bye to your air compressor, the redesigned Apex Pro X1 is packed with our most advanced hydraulic system. The flat platen lets you press hand-tossed style pizza in seconds while giving you the freedom to press a range of pie sizes on one press. Easily press 8” to 18” pizzas with an increase or decrease in dough ounce. Features: Create up to 250-300 pizzas per hour with the Proluxe DP1350 pizza dough press Automatic hydraulic operation Polished upper and lower platen Heated upper platen with thermostatic control Flatten dough up to 18″ in diameter Dial in thickness control Maximum temperature of 450°F Programmable timer No compressor required Limited lifetime warranty on upper platen Meets ETL sanitation standards Product Dimensions: Width: 18.9 Inches Depth: 23.2 Inches Height: 25.5 Inches

Product Details

Manufacturer: Proluxe

Model #: DP1350

Serial #: DP1350COA

Condition: used

Power: 115 volt

Size: 18" press

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