Metro food warmer


Product Details (18) 18-in. x 26-in. pan capacity (34) 12-in. x 20-in. x 21/2-in. pan capacity Universal wire slides on 3-in. centers Adjustable slides in 11/2-in. increments Combination heated holding with humidity controls Temperature range: 80-200 degrees F 95 percent relative humidity at 95 degrees F Powder-coated aluminum door has a polycarbonate window for product visibility Insulation Armour™ keeps heat inside the cabinet, ensuring exterior is cool to the touch Red polymer resists damage from impacts and stains Vertical, molded-in handles on the side for transport 2 of the (4) 5-in. casters have brakes Polymer drip trough with integrated catch pan

Product Details

Manufacturer: Metro

Model #: C539-CFC-U

Serial #: N/A

Condition: used

Power: 120 volt

Inventory #: 1012

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