Globe 30 qt pizza mixer



This Globe SP30P 30 qt. commercial planetary floor pizza mixer features a 1 1/2 hp, gear driven motor with three speeds so that you can easily mix and knead your best pizza dough! An ergonomic hand lever raises and lowers the bowl with ease, while an interlock system shuts down the mixer when the bowl is lowered for added safety. The sleek digital controls with LED display are easy to clean, while a digital timer provides excellent accuracy and restarts when the mixer is turned off/on. The bowl guard keeps hands out of the bowl during mixing times, and also keeps contaminates from being mixed into the product. The ingredient chute provides a straight passage to the contents of the bowl, allowing less spilling around the bowl when pouring messy ingredients in such as flour, milk, sugar, and vanilla. Plus, the fixed speed transmission is made of heat treated, hardened alloy gears that provide high torque mixing power and quiet operation. With a 6 foot cord and ground plug, you can place this unit anywhere in your kitchen.

Product Details

Manufacturer: Globe

Model #: SP30

Serial #: 7319502

Condition: used

Power: 115 volt

Inventory #: 1099

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