Dean Gas fryer 75 lbs Cap



Part of the Super Runner Value series 75-lb. oil capacity 18-in. x 18-in. square frypot can accommodate twin baskets Convenient basket hanger with support rack Tubular cast iron burners have a large surface area, optimizing heat transfer Stainless steel baffles in burners help keep heat in the oil rather than sending it out the flue Durable temperature probe provides quick response Wide cold zone helps keep crumbs from carbonizing and ruining food and oil Stainless steel vat, front, door, and backsplash Millivolt control system requires no electricity 6-in. adjustable steel legs Should be installed below a ventilation hood For areas at elevations of 2,000 ft. or higher, 150,000 BTU

Product Details

Manufacturer: Dean

Model #: SR162GN

Serial #: N/A

Condition: used

Power: Natural gas

Inventory #: 1088

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