Beverage Air open display cooler BRAND NEW


NEW WITH SLIGHT FREIGHT DAMAGE ON SIDE The Beverage Air BZ13HC-B open-air cooler has a self-contained refrigeration system that’s accessed at the bottom by removing the grille—this streamlines maintenance by ensuring that employees can get to the components quickly. The temperature of this unit stays at a temperature set by the operator between 32 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and it cools with an environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant. Product Details 10.7-cu.-ft. interior space Deck and 3 adjustable shelves for storage Shelves coated in epoxy to resist corrosion Temperature holding range: 32-40 degrees F Lighted sign panel entices customers Recessed interior lighting makes it convenient to find product Black exterior with white interior Self-contained refrigeration system mounted at the bottom Grille removable for maintenance Operates with R290 refrigerant Automatic defrost Corrosion-resistant, epoxy-coated evaporator coil 4,939-BTU heat transfer capacity

Product Details

Manufacturer: Beverage Air

Model #: BZ13HC-B

Serial #: 14803465

Condition: NEW

Power: 115 volt

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