Belshaw Donut Robot


DONUT ROBOT® MARK II Automatic fryer for standard size donuts, with an option for mini donuts. Capacity 30 dozen/hour, with electric power and heat. Mark II produces high quality, well formed cake donuts right out of the box, and makes excellent raised donuts with a few accessories. With the mini donut option, you can make both full size and mini donuts. The Mark II is compatible with Insider Ventless and Donut Robot® Mark II systems. While the fryer works, you can take care of other business! There’s no easier, more dependable way to make donuts. Type of donut Ring donuts, ‘Old Fashion’ donuts Donut size Up to 3⅜” (86 mm) Capacity 354 per hour (30 dozen) @120 seconds frying time Power All worldwide voltages, 1 or 3 phase, 4.4 – 5.9 KW Certifications UL, CSA, NSF, CEHere is a description of this product….

Product Details

Manufacturer: Belshaw auto donut fryer system

Model #: MK11

Serial #: 14060021

Condition: Used

Power: 208 / 240 volt 1 phase electric

Size: 4 units available

Inventory #: 1074

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